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Hello Penny Bar Packages

The Penny Features

She has some pretty neat tricks, here is what she's packing...

  • Two large serving sinks that hold 100+ drinks with ice
  • Three large coolers to keep ice cold all day and night
  • Full size kegerator for ice cold beer dispensing
  • Two 3-gallon glass water jug with pour spout
  • 10-gallons of running sink water with drainage system
  • $2m alcohol & liability insurance policy
  • 12V USB charging station for multiple phones
  • 120v power for blender or other electrical components
  • Over 50 sq/ft of polished bar counter top space
  • Two large galvanized buckets for additional drink storage
  • Lots of interior and exterior LED lighting throughout
  • On-board power and inverter for off-grid capabilities
  • External power hookups to keep bar charged up
  • Vintage white walled tires on black gloss wheels
Hello Penny Bar

Rent Penny by itself

We provide the bar, you provide the rest!

Every event is different, so we have options to ensure you get exactly what you want. You can rent just the Hello Penny Bar by itself for your next event. Turn it into a walk up bar, a dessert stand, serve pizzas and soda, or use it as a backdrop for a photo / video shoot. We’ll come drop off the trailer, set it up on leveling jacks, and leave. What you do with it is up to you. She is equipped with all the proper equipment to ensure you can host an event of any size without an issue. To rent Penny for the whole day would be $600. Contact us for more details. 

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Penny + 2 Bartenders

We’ll bring Penny & staff to help out

How about you sit back and we’ll take care of the rest? We’ll bring Penny to your event, and bring two licensed bartenders to help out as well. We’ll do everything from prepping mixed drinks, pouring beers, opening wine and popping champagne. We’ll work late into the night as Penny is equipped with some beautiful market vintage lighting to make her stand out throughout the event. Rent Penny with 2 bartenders to serve drinks throughout your event for $1,200.Contact us now!

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Additional Items

Games, glasses, boho lounge & decorations

Once you choose your bar package, we have a variety of add-ons to choose from. Starting with our Boho lounge! This includes a large wicker peacock chair, leather / wicker chair, and a wicker end table. Then we have lawn games for your guests to stay entertained! Starting with corn hole, mega-jenga, and a cool game called Beer Darts! Next up, ask us about our glass selection we can rent. Large red / white wine glasses as well as 1-pint mason jars for mixed drinks / cocktails. How about the awesome interior decorations you see in these photos? Yup, we can rent those too! And last up, ICE! We will pick up all the ice you need at cost so it’s one less thing you have to worry about.

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Aren't You Lucky?

Invite Penny to join you in your celebration

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Drop off & Set up

When you rent the bar, we’ll deliver it to your special location for you. We’ll get the bar set up, jack it up on 4 leveling jacks and show you how everything works. Then we’ll stay and bartend, or we’ll leave!


Enjoy Your Event

Sit back, relax and enjoy your day. Watch as your thirsty guests flock towards the bar and get served tasty drinks all day & night. She is always a hit, and sometimes even steals the show with her cute curb appeal.


Clean Up & Leave

When your event is over, we’ll pack up and leave without a trace. Simple as that! We have lots of business cards that we can hand out to your interested guests so we are hopefully invited back to your next event.